👼Angel Chest

When you die, an angel chest is created. It stays locked for a while and then opens, releasing your stuff. You can unlock it too, say, if a friend is with you when you die. It keeps everything you had, even armor and experience. When you click the AngelChest, you get your stuff back. If you picked up things after respawning, only some items may fit. The rest stay in the chest, and you choose what to keep. When it's empty or time's up, the chest vanishes, dropping what's left.

When you die you will receive this message

Here, you can see the cords of where you died. there are also three buttons

  • [TP] Teleports you to your angel chest (Costs $200 to do)

  • [Fetch] Teleports your angel chest to you (Costs $350 to do)

  • [Unlock] Lets anyone open your angel chest

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