it's a feature rich plugin that aims to provide a unique experience to fishing, adding competitions, a fish shop, baits and many, many more custom fish.

How To Disable Custom Fishing

all you have to do is hold a fishing rod and do /fishing and that rod will be set to vanilla fishing

  • Rarities

There are currently five different rarities added to the server ( Common, Junk, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.)

  • Fish on our server

  • Baits

Bait boosts players' chances of catching certain fish or rarities. To add bait to your rod, open your inventory and shift + right-click your rod with the bait you wish to apply.

Look at the page linked below to learn what each bait does.


  • Competitions

Competitions happen randomly when there are enough players online. There are a few types of competitions, each with different goals. There are rewards for those who win.

  • Shop

To access the shop, run the command /emf shop and choose the fish you want to sell. The amount of money depends on two factors: rarity and size. Look below for more information


  • Size Range: 1 to 30 cm

  • Worth Multiplier: 1

  • Min Price: 1

  • Max Price: 30


  • Size Range: 15 to 45 cm

  • Worth Multiplier: 1.5

  • Min Price: 22.5

  • Max Price: 67.5


  • Size Range: 20 to 150 cm

  • Worth Multiplier: 1.5

  • Min Price: 30.0

  • Max Price: 225.0


  • Size Range: 125 to 800 cm

  • Worth Multiplier: 2

  • Min Price: 250

  • Max Price: 1600


  • Size Range: 800 to 4000 cm

  • Worth Multiplier: 3

  • Min Price: 2400

  • Max Price: 12000

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